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Hardsdisk   4/19/06


The Hardsdisk MYST Pages started out as one page on my vintage Macintosh computer site. I added another page and realized that this material was growing and didn't really belong where I had it. It should probably get some space of its own.


This new site is a work in progress. It may be finished some day but I have a few more pages planned and I'm sure more will follow those, time permitting. Like MYST, "The ending has not yet"... Scratch that. The ending was written in MYST V. So that's what these pages are, an homage to the MYST series of games.

Here and there, on the site, you may encounter my sense of humor. MYST is a series of games. Games are meant to be enjoyable. If you take these games seriously and are offended by my occasional funning, you need only do a search on "MYST easter eggs". You will find that the game designers have an even greater sense of satire than I. My favorite poke is Rand Miller's donut egg in realMYST.

This site exists, thanks to two other people, my wife who understands and tolerates my obsession with MYST and Ryan Miller at Cyan who kindly took the time to look at what I had planned and gave the thumbs up.

Finally and again, I will warn anyone who has not finished all of the MYST games, THERE ARE SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. Please bookmark the home page, get off the web and return when you have completed the entire MYST series. This site will probably still be here and there may be more of it. Don't even think of looking for walkthroughs unless you have spent three days stuck in the same spot. Even so, you'll probably hate yourself in the morning.

Shorah, Hardsdisk

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