MYST for the Deaf
A Fan-Based Proposal to make MYST Accessible to Deaf Players

Last Updated: 7/8/07

An investigation is underway, that hopes to determine if the original MYST can be adapted for use by deaf players. If it can, the next step will be to make the necessary modifications available on the web. Preliminary thought and experimentation makes the prospect of success look promising. What is still needed is input from game designers and programmers who can address the difficulties of what has been proposed.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the discussion in the MYSTcommunity forum for this topic.

The project manager is Serrinatta

The Discussion Thus Far:

Major audio that needs to be converted in some way:

Fortress Rotation
Selenitic Sounds
Subtitling for all Speech

Minor audio that may need to be converted:

Fuse Switches
Tower Rotation
Tree Elevator
Surfacing Ship
Water Flow
Stoneship Pumps

Audio that is only an option to convert:


Ideas Thus Far:

--vibration accessory
--Symbolic representation
--Color representation

--See Mazerunner

Space Ship:
--Color Spectrum
--Written version of the note

--Vibration accessory

Tower Rotation:
--shake screen
--Vibration Accessory

Tree Elevator:
--See tower rotation

Surfacing ship:
--Also see Tower rotation

Fuse Switches:
--cartoon sound brackets

--see Fuse Switches

Water flow:

Stoneship Pumps:


--non-clashing artwork

Locations of Transcriptions of Speech:

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