Behind the Lines


Lyrics by Genesis - Images from MYST and RIVEN






I wanted to go

I held the book so tightly in my hands,
saw your picture, heard you call my name
There was something strange, I could not look away
I wanted to be there, I wanted to go












You gave me no warning
You gave no reason
But I was with you
Right by your side
Give me the strength, and I will help you
They can try their hardest, they don't frighten me


With you











It is written in the book












It is hotter than I've known before, but I feel so cold
and I don't know why
But if the fire within your heart can beat the storm
Then I really believe, you could make it right


The fire










Empty Heart

The time has come now
We must show our feelings
But I'm looking right through you
And your heart is empty












Whatever happened to you it's too late to change now
There's nowhere you can run to, no place to hide
Oh you let me down!


Red and Blue










Slipping away

...but wait a minute, I don't understand
It's getting stronger, grab my hand
Don't wanna leave you, don't wanna go
But I'm losing all control
Can't you see me slipping away?
I can only stay if you've the will to keep me here












It is written in the book














Oh so many times since I've read those words
Just waiting to see you, can you see me?






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