Nelah's ArkBug
The relocation of the wildlife from an entire age

olddude   7/19/07


By the time "the stranger" appeared in Riven, It was well known to the Moiety that the age was unstable. It was also believed that the stranger would initiate the demise of Riven.

A well known plan had been in place to move the human inhabitants to Tay. A lesser known plan, code named "Nelah's Ark" by PETS, was in place to relocate all of the animal species of Riven.

The plan, funded by pets and carried out by the Moiety, was already underway two months before the stranger arrived.



Many pairs of the smaller species, insects, birds, bats, amphibians and fish, had already been collected and moved by the time the stranger appeared.

Can't Find Them

The larger species, sunners and wahrks, were still being collected even as Katran was being released.



Sunners being shy by nature, were difficult to catch but a mated pair were eventually collected in a net and transported to their new age.

Riven's one remaining wahrk, presented a challenge. Some of the Moiety felt that wahrks should not be saved and since there was only one, It wasn't worthwhile to save it. Using an underwater sonogram, PETS was able to determine that the wahrk was a female and quite pregnant. When PETS insisted that the wahrk be saved and threatened the withdrawal of funds and equipment, the Moiety grudgingly agreed to cooperate.



As part of the agreement, PETS was not allowed to participate in the relocation of the wahrk. We were told that a volunteer was found, who offered to act as bait. He was lowered on the gallows holding a linking book which he would touch to the wahrk as it tried to take the bait. Tragically, this didn't work as planned. The volunteer was killed as the the wahrk took the bait and linked out, leaving only the book behind. Pets has one photo of the operation, taken with a telephoto lens. In this image, the volunteer appears to be unconscious and the linking book appears to be tied to his hand. When we questioned the Moiety about this, they would not comment.


Aside from one death and a few minor set-backs, Nelah's Ark was an outstanding success, having rescued an estimated 90 percent of Riven's animal population.


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