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Would you stand by while Atrus was skinned?

Boycott squee fur products!
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Code Name: Nelah's Ark
The operation to save the creatures of RIVEN from its demise


We Believe

At PETS, we believe we can build a brighter future for MYST wildlife. Do you believe?
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PETS is the creation of: Mystress and olddude who are MYSTcommunity members.

PeTS People for the Ethical Treatment of SqueesAdvocates

This site may contain major spoilers for all of the MYST games

For Centuries   Click for Video   Slavery Cruelty

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 PETS Who we are:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Squees, is a profitless and perhaps pointless organization that was launched in 2007. It seeks to bring attention to the cruelty that is being routinely and repeatedly carried out on the wildlife in MYST games. Our members work for the day when MYST creatures can live in harmony with, not only the other characters in the games, but with the players as well.

This site is not in any way connected to or associated with PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals but you are invited to visit their site as well.

UPDATE 7/25/07:
PETS has received some video footage from someone claiming to be Saavedro. At this time, we are unable to verify the origin of this footage. We have experts scrutinizing the details in the video and analyzing the voice. In the meantime, we feel a duty to present this footage without authentication for you to decide. Again, we make no claims as to its authenticity.

Alleged Saavedro video (7 MB)

PETS Most Wanted List:

SaavyWhat can be said about Saavedro? Was he born with animal cruelty in his heart or was he driven to it by circumstance? One thing is certain: He lived by the hammer and many squees perished as a result. We feel that he belongs in prison for his inhumane crimes but he is currently out of linking reach, undergoing psychiatric treatment in Narayan and can't be brought to justice.

AchenarAchenar's sociopathic escapades are well documented. It's true that he showed evidence of reform before his demise but we feel that due to the sadistic nature of his past crimes against the wildlife of Haven, he should be punished posthumously. There is currently a petition circulating to have him exhumed and re-poisoned.

EsherEsher has recently been removed from the list since he is now in custody of the Bahro. We can only hope that they show him all of the consideration that he showed them.