The PETS Pledge
Pledge to preserve and protect the animals of MYST

Mystress & olddude 7/19/07

I promise to preserve and protect the wildlife of the MYST games because cruelty to fictitious game animals is still inhumane.

I promise not to click forward too quickly in the garden on MYST island and allow the butterflies to safely move out of the way.

I promise to turn out the lights in the Selenitic tunnel when I leave, so as not to irritate the bats.

I promise not to initiate the Aurora on Rime, when the whale thingys are nearby.

I promise not to call RIVEN's wahrk unnecessarily and repeatedly, causing it to become frustrated and hurt itself.

I promise not to torment the sunners by making too many trips past their sunning rock.

I promise not to leave a frog trapped for days while I figure out whether it's important to do it or not.

I promise not to misunderstand the Edanna squee trap puzzle and unnecessarily traumatize a squee.

I promise not to leave the Edanna fish encapsulated for days at a time, due to my inability to solve the puzzles.

I promise not to leave the bird trapped in the pitcher plant for the same reason.

I promise not to take Saavedro's hammer and go squee-hunting, no matter how hungry I get.

I promise not to try to smuggle a squee out of Edanna, no matter how cute the darned things are.

I promise that I am not crossing my fingers behind my back while making this pledge.

I promise to set Yeesha's Tomahna beetles free when she's not looking. Clearly, her experiment should be ruined.

I promise not to poke the Tomahna gecko for no reason whatsoever.

I promise not to harass the animals on Haven by poking them, that's what all of the stuff on Spire is for.

I promise to always roll the fruit closer to the wounded Mangree in Haven, because one bite of the fruit has some strange curative power that apparently can't be explained.

I promise not to waste too much time in the ship wreck, inhaling Achenar's green spore concentrate, because there are mangrees being threatened in the south, who need my help.

I promise not to chase the butterflies on Serenia or the fireflies on Tomahna.

I promise not to try to use the Teledahn gun on any of the indigenous species.

I promise to open the flood gate and allow the shroomies to have access to all of Teledahn.

I promise not to draw random pictures on the tablets, drop them, and torment the Bahro with my bad artwork.

I promise not to initiate "fly mode" and go base jumping in the Great Shaft because it upsets the Bahro.

I promise not to draw the snake symbol unnecessarily.

I promise not to chase the piranha bird into the water and make it stay there.

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