My Relto
   Property. Who needs the hassles?


I got this place as a "fix-er-upper" but many improvements have been made since. Here are a few snapshots of the friends who drop in.

Zandi Relaxing

Zandi hacked the imager into a HDTV system which is great, if I could just get him to clean up the crumbs and wrappers he leaves all over the place.

In the Hot Tub

Here we are relaxing in the hot tub. Yeesha refuses to wear a swimsuit and we forbid Zandi to wear his Speedo.

Zandi's Airstream

Zandi said he would get the Airstream out of here after a "few repairs". It's been here for months and all he does is barbecue on it.

Tai Chi Night

Here I am trying to learn a ritual dance that's something like Tai Chi. This Bahro was very insistent that I learn it. Some of it requires becoming airborne. He seems very disappointed when I fail at those attempts.

Zandi's Joke

Here's Yeesha convincing me that the mist is so thick by the dock, I can walk on it. After a falling panic link back to the top, I found out Zandi had re-programmed one of the Cleft messages as a practical joke. Wait until he finds the live Laki'ahn Piranha Bird I put in the Airstream toilet.

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